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Endlessly : (Paranormalcy #3)

Endlessly  - Kiersten White So. I'm finally getting around to read the final installment of Paranormalcy. What is so special about Evie that she is qualified to open a gate so the paranormals stuck on earth can waltz on through? I must have forgotten the part that explains that. Of course there is so many ridiculous twists and turns about this world but particularly in Endlessly I noticed that Evie was so busy with school and her relationship with Lend that she totally neglects the more important things to do on her list , like saving the world . I understand totally being 17 years old and all. She just wants to live a normal life. I get that she doesn't want any part of the IPCA anymore which is cool. They changed and Mrs whatever whatever is a snotty old hag who is working with the evil fairy's who want to kill Evie and the rest of the paranormals. I didn't think Evie should have been responsible for that whole business of saving the world even though she did succeed with the help of a few of her friends, and proved remarkable, it seemed like a dirty and thankless job. Ha! This book wasn't serious but it was fun.