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Skin Game:

Skin Game: A Novel of the Dresden Files - Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden is stuck on the Island of Demonreach situated somewhere in the middle of Lake Michigan, reluctant to get off because of that 'thing' living inside his brain, he spends his time getting in shape ; chasing monsters. So far, we don't know what this 'parasite' is we heard so much about in Cold Days, that is causing Harry so much pain but it will kill him if he doesn't get it out and the only one who can help, is of course Mab Monroe, the queen of faery; except he hasn't seen her in well over a year.

When she arrives out of the blue one day, Harry fears she wants something, naturally. She doesn't come bearing gifts, but tells him to put on an earring meant to keep the creature at bay and relieve his suffering and to come with her immediately. I am worried about the assignment that's in store for Harry. Agh!

Mab uses Harry to pay off a debt she owes Nicodemus Archleone that forces him to work alongside the Denarians in performing a bank heist, and the bank vault belongs to Hades, the greek god of the underworld. Oh Snap! The team travels to the underworld via Marcone's vault. The team includes Nicodemus' daughter Deirdre(bad), Goodman Grey(good guy), Binder(greedy but good), Anna Valmont(good), Hannah Ascher(bad), Genoskwa(bad), and, at Harry's insistence, Karrin Murphy(good). You do not want to mess with Genoskwa. He's ugly and eats goats for breakfast and Harry learns a very painful lesson in keeping his mouth shut around this guy. Other characters are Nicodemus' wife, Polonius Lartessa, usually called Tessa Dr. Waldo Butters. I was disappointed that Bob the Skull didn't make much of an appearance.No Toot-toot either :(. Harry could've used them on more than one occasion. We see Michael Carpenter fighting alongside Harry again. Molly appears at the end for a bit. Harry's daughter, Maggie plays more of a role, however, that spirit thing that inhabited Harry's brain? Harry's pregnant? what? what was that all about? That was wierd. I didn't understand even though it felt like a major plot theme of a future book that began in Cold Days .