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Jane's Melody #1

Jane's Melody - Ryan Winfield

I loved Jane's Melody. Even though Jane was much older than Caleb, this story was such a sweet relief to the YA and PNF genres I'd been reading lately. I love a good Love Story and it's rare to find a male author who writes romance and writing from a female's POV had to be difficult but I commend him for his insightfulness, and the poems he writes.

Jane's character wasn't so bad but it fell short compared to Calebs. I much preferred Caleb. He could've had anyone because he was built like a god and gorgeous yet he fell for a 40 year old woman. I understood her sex drive after having a child so that wasn't much of a surprise to me. All she wanted was sex with a man who was available to her and she took advantage of that fact with Caleb. It might've not seemed fair, but what guy would pass up that opportunity anyway?

When Jane met Caleb, he was homeless and trying to make a living playing music on the streets. Jane suspected Caleb knew her daughter Melody and assumed they were going together. So, she kind of stalks him for awhile hoping he would shed some light on the events surrounding her daughters death/suicide. Her daughter died of a drug overdose and Jane needed to deal with her own grief . She also was familiar with Al-anon as their were problems with alcohol abuse in her family.

So anyway one day Jane finds Caleb and he'd been beaten pretty bad and had nothing left but the shirt on his back so Jane jumps at the chance to help him , offering to come work for her since he doesn't want to be a charity case. He accepts the deal which allows him room and board and money in his pocket . He dreams someday of going to Austin.

I enjoyed reading about their love relationship but I am angry that Jane broke his heart . However, Jane realizes with the help of a dying friend to never live life with fear and to go after him so she sells her house and things and goes in search of Caleb driving all the way to Austin Texas.

When she finds him .... hope springs eternal the second time around and that is where we are left. I can't wait to read what happens to them after in Jane's Harmony due to be published sometime this August 2014.