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Don't Look Back - Jennifer L. Armentrout

So far I really think I'm going to like Samantha . Apparently she used to be a "bitch that bites" and everyone hated her , but now having lost her memory she is much more friendlier and nicer. Suffering from serious amnesia and a concussion, Sam finds herself walking in the woods alone , not remembering anything about what'd happened to her and how she got there. A pair of cops find her alongside of the road and question her which leads to them taking her to the hospital.


Sam learns her parents are very rich and are relieved to see their daughter back home. They were worried about her being missing for 4 days, they thought she was dead but her friend Cassie is still missing. After learning a few things about herself, she begins to hate the 'old' Sam for disliking Carson, who is gorgeous. 


I'm at the end of chapter 3 where Sam finds a note hidden inside her pillow. She opens it and reads:  "Don't look back. You won't like what you find". dum dum dum dum... Who wrote this and what the hell?  Somebody knows what happened. 


Anyway I seem to like the topic of amnesia and lives of rich people seeings how her parents were rich and all. School is well...another subject I'm not interested in...*sighs. Oh well . I'll update this when I'm done.



My Review


This was like a murder mystery suspense and I would've liked to known Samantha when she was the mean bitch.
Sam suffers from amnesia and doesn't remember anything of who she used to be. She's a much nicer person now following the accident involving her friend Cassie, who we later find out is dead and murdered.
Rumors of Samantha actually killing her best friend are going around school and Samantha thinks she's crazy. All the 'crazy' nuances around her having amnesia are just annoying. So we had the before Sam; who was a mean bitch , and the after Sam; who was just crazy BUT she wasn't crazy! She was just suffering from amnesia and that was enough to explain her visions in black and white and hearing things and wierd notes appearing everywhere . However I must admit Cassie in the mirror totally freaked me out and that was crazy. lol

Anywho ya so the problem wasn't that she was crazy but that she was suffering from amnesia and didn't have her memories back yet! [Young adult novels are sometimes so annoying. UGH] Everything fell into place when she did finally get them back though . Phew. It must have been a tough experience for Sam to go through but even harder was facing the truth about what'd happened to her and her friend. This is where I can't tell you whodunnit. What kind of person would I be?

Other characters I liked were Carson Ortiz, and Sam's brother Scott.