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Dark Triumph: His Fair Assassin #2

Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers

I know we had only a few glimpses of Sybella in Grave Mercy but I saw her more like a badass who was a little on the crazy side.

So far , Dark Triumph's Sybella is rather mature and ...normal as in ladylike :( She's very cautious and fearful of D'Albret too. She seems fearful of men in general which is another reason I am sorta turned off.I hate when a character turns out disappointing. I hope that changes as she reveals herself more. I was under the impression that the Assassins of St. Mortain all hated men ,but Sybella has Julien at her door constantly AND Sybella doesn't have the backing or support of the Convent like Esmae did.

Instead of punching Julien in the face I guess she's wise to play along having to watch her steps in her father's house. I am hoping the story will start getting interesting now that she breaks 'Beast' out of the dungeon.

Nothing too exciting happens with them until near the end of the book. Even though they both seem to be falling for each other they don't tell each other that until after all of Sybella's secrets are revealed, and boy what a load of secrets she has! I can't say I liked the ending because the story leaves it open ended where we will have to wait for the next one ....Mortal Heart.