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Witches of the Demon Isle - New Covers

Rachel Humphrey D'aigle's Witches of the Demon Isle series on Goodreads is getting a makeover AND they have different titles as well.

Here's a preview of the New Witches of The Demon Isle...

Make Me a Real Girl 


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Melinda Howard has been holed up in the Howard Mansion for the last four years and no one knows the truth except for her family... a long line of witches charged with protecting the Demon Isle, currently led by four hundred year old vampire, William Wakefield. Another reason Melinda doesn’t mind her self-inflicted imprisonment: She gets to spend more time with William, her crush for nearly all her life who’s too hot for words.








What Bites Me


When the body of a tourist is discovered on The Demon Isle and the cause of death is wolf bite, the Howards are forced to accept that the werewolf that bit Charlie is back on the Isle. He is forced to divulge a terrible truth with threatens not only his life, but also the future of the Howard Witches.


Trick Me, Trick Me Not


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The Howard Witches, along with their vampire mentor, William Wakefield, are called in to assist the local sheriff after the beaches of The Demon Isle fall under attack, terrorizing those that live above the water, as well as those that live below.


Deliver Me To Evil



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Hell hath no Fury like a Witch Bride Scorned... Eva Jordan's father goes missing and the cause is believed to be supernatural in nature. But can Eva be trusted… is this a trap set, meant to strip the Howard’s magical powers? Or is there an even more threatening force at work on The Demon Isle?


Dreaming To Kill You


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Charlie Howard has been waking up in the middle of The Demon Isle woods, with no memory of how he got there and no recollection of his actions during the night. And if this wasn’t enough to deal with, there’s a new Supernatural Investigator in town, and timed with her arrival is an onslaught of strange sightings and attacks, ones the Howard’s believe to be a hoax perpetrated by someone on the Isle in order to attract tourists. However, as their investigation unfolds and Charlie, Michael and Melinda, along with the Vampire, William Wakefield, piece together what’s happening, they fear the threat might not only be real, but that they are too late to control the outcome.




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