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Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3)

Cress - Marissa Meyer

This isn't an ordinary futuristic Sci-Fi fantasy, it's also a clever version of a classic fairytale Rapunzel.

I love everything about Cress. I like how she was imprisoned in an orbiting satellite travelling around Earth, and how she wore her hair, and how obviously intelligent she is but is very shy. She survives 7 years in space with the occasional visit from her evil adoptive mother Sybil Mira.

Cress picks up the sequence of events better than Scarlet did . I finally felt the logical continuum of the Lunar Chronicles that I anticipated and missed in Scarlet. In fact , Scarlet didn't make a lot of sense to me but I adored Cinder! The Lunar, Cyborg, Princess.

What was unfortunate about Cress was Captain Thorne's blindness and Wolf's passive aggressive behavior over the temporary loss of Scarlet. In fact Scarlet was missing for the most part but is still alive. She was captured by Sybil and taken to Luna and is surrounded by lunatics <----haha. Seriously though . 

Winter, the next book in the series, is very much a loon. She is crazy because she is suppressing her lunar gifts. Going crazy is what happens when one doesn't use their mind control abilities.

Cinder is convinced she has to stop the Emperor Kai and Queen Levana's wedding because she thinks Levana's only interested in overthrowing Kai and killing him so she can rule the Earth and ultimately the world. 

When captain Thorne tries to rescue Cress he is threatened by Sybil Mira, Cress' adoptive mother and head of the queen's army, and Jacin Clay, one of the queen's guards. This is when the fun begins. After a fight inside the satellite, Thorne and Cress are left to die in the vessel that is speeding towards earth destined to crash in the desert. Cinder and Wolf and Jacin are in the Rampion that lands in Farafra Africa where Dr. Erland is .

I loved how Cress and Thorne became love interests and survived the Desert. How they were found by the caravan people who later betrayed them. I loved that Thorne bought a new escort-android for Iko but perhaps not under the best of circumstances . It was a kind and thoughtful gesture on his part and Cress did forgive him She loved him afterall but I admit Kai and Cinder are my favorite couple.