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Daimon (Covenant, #0.5)

Daimon - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Omg I gotta read this book series now!

After reading the prequel to Half-Blood by Jennifer Armentrout I want to read more! I love the concept of Alex being an immortal and the funny thing is she says "O gods" a lot. She and her mother had left the Covenant and are in danger from the Daimons. Alexandria describes them as Death ; pure and simple. Only half-bloods can see their true form; ugly. They appear like any other normal human to others though. They feed on aether. Aether runs in immortal blood but they do not usually go after half bloods like Alex cuz there's not much in it .

When Alex sees her mother get the life sucked out of her , she ends up killing a daimon accidentally with a titanium garden spade. Titanium is like poison to them and it can kill them. Anyway running away was not something she was used to doing. The Covenant , taught her to fight with violence.

Now the Daimons are after her and she fights desperately to get back to the Covenant where she belongs but the problem is..... her mother is dead and all she has is a warning to never return to the Covenant, but she doesn't know why, and a few hundred dollars ...until Aiden shows up to bring her home... ahhhhh *her hero *sigh