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The Game Maker -The Professional: Part 1

The Professional: Part 1 - Kresley Cole

"Joke him if he can't take a fuck."


Natalie Porter lives a simple life in Lincoln Nebraska. Her ability to 'manalyze' is something she takes pride in and for that matter the reason she's still a virgin. At 24 she still hasn't found the right one. Adopted at an early age , now a College student looking to get her masters degree and find her biological parents, she hires a private investigator from Russia named Zironoff . She never hears from him and he never answers her emails.


While out drinking with her friend Jess, Mafiya enforcer Aleksei Sevastyan catches her eyes. Although Natalie may be good at analyzing men , she has a hard time assessing this guy and fails at coming on to him. Sevastyan didn't play by her games because he makes the rules.


Natalie didn't know he had been 'watching over her' for the past month and was hired by her real father, head of The Bratva (Russian Mafia) Pavel Kovalev, to be her bodyguard.


Rejected, alone and frustrated Natalie goes back to her house admitting there was something about that man. Thinking about him touching her while she takes a bath, suddenly is he standing in her bathroom doorway and she screams. He tells her to get dressed, pack a suitcase, cause he's taking her on a plane to Russia and those were his orders. I imagine Natalie wanted to call the cops because a strange man had broken into her house and was going to kidnap her but she doesn't do that. All she wants are answers and as soon as he mentions her father I guess that opened the channels of curiosity. She does get the wrong impression of her father though, but she was going to see for herself soon enough even if Sevastyan had to haul her over his shoulder. Being close to him like that was just one of the many perks she would enjoy besides being lavished with expensive clothes and jewelry.


When she runs from the car, he warns her that "If you run, I will catch you. It's what I do". On the plane she discovers how dominating Sevastyan is and how much it turns her on. Of course Sevastyan is very good at dishing out punishment but he doesn't want to hurt her .

I already knew Kresley Cole could write hot sexy romance novels but in The Professional we see the very dark and hard kind of erotic romance not intended for younger minds. I truly am lovin this series.