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A Review of The Professional #2

The Professional: Part 2 - Kresley Cole

Part 2 of The Game Maker begins at Chapter 18. I said to myself "They jipped me of the first 17 chapters!" then I understood.


Sevastyan and Natalie have hot steamy kinky sex of the dominance and submission variety, in the banya (sauna house) - if you remember they took shelter there from the rainstorm - and Natalya is amazingly still a virgin, but we know Sevastyan wants her in a forever way and he promises he'll work on it. But why isn't she happy about it? What the f*** is her problem? I thought she wanted him if not loved him . Geez woman.


After Natalie basically kicks Sevastyan to the curb she is left "feeling like a bucket of f***" and her cousin Filip is furious over her rejecting him. Only after tragedy strikes it forces them Natalie and Sevastyan together.


Fighting for Natalie's safety to protect her from any more danger, they stow away on a yacht that takes them to Paris where they spend most of their time in bed apparently. But Natalie feels disappointed with their relationship ever since (the tragedy that I have neglected to mention) and Sevastyan had claimed sole responsibility for her safety. The sex is no longer about dominance and submission but codling and he treats her like a porcelain doll. She wants Sevastyan to be 'emotionally available' but that is asking a lot from him because he doesn't like to talk about himself. There is some dark hidden secret about Sevastyan and whatever it is, Natalie wants to know. Badly. She prefers rough and tough sex.


Sevastyan holds Natalie to her wish about wanting the bdsm and arranges a night out assuming he's going to ....torture her good, but we don't know that because that is when the story ends abruptly.


I was frustrated with how this episode ended. I guess I'm not used to it, like bloody soap operas. Right before the big reveal!! Like Natalie, I felt like a bucket of f***. And because of that I don't think I could give this a 5 star rating.


I can't even imagine what is behind those curtains......