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Stephen King's 11/22/63

11/22/63 - Stephen King

I don't know what made me pick this book up since I strongly detest politics but the story was different and I was pleasantly surprised. It was about time travel .

I admit to thinking Jake Epping was too stubborn when he just should've listened to the green card man.


After 5 grueling years as George Amberson in the land of ago (the past) he finally got to kill Lee Harvey Oswald BEFORE the assassination, thereby saving the presidents life and nullifying the past as we know it. BUT he should've listened to the green card man and reset the past by going through the porthole again which would fix the future world from the nuclear disaster he'd stepped back into after the president fiasco.


"You need to go back now, Jake." He spoke gently. "You need to go back and see exactly what you've done. What all your hard and no doubt well-meaning work has accomplished"


George Amberson thought it was all his fault and he was right, but I was glad the green card man didn't pass judgement on him instead he tied up the loose ends and told George what he'd have to do AND how to fix things. But noooo he wanted to save Sadie , again, because he loved her and couldn't let her die. It bothered me that he would risk fucking up the world and everybody in it just so he could be with her. But he didn't know if he would even have her when all was said and done cuz the world would never be the same and like the green card man had told him "Reality itself" would be destroyed.


Thanks to this book I probably never would've known about the real events leading up to 11/22/63 or about Lee Harvey Oswald and it was sad to think these events ever happened. *sigh* I wasn't even born yet but it was a strange experience to read in a fiction novel I am glad I read though.


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