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My Review of Blue Blooded Vamp (Sabina Kane #5)

Blue-Blooded Vamp: Sabina Kane: Book 5 - Jaye Wells


Red Headed Assassin Sabina Kane is stripped of her magic powers and her immortality in her attempt to kill the Master of the Vampire race Master Mahan aka Cain. Wow. What a painful and sad year it has been for her. All  5 books occur in a period of 12 months and I have to say I'm extremely glad it's over. Phew . The author did a bang up job though and I thoroughly loved every minute of it.


It starts off right where Silver-Tongued Devil left off. Sabina and the mancy Adam Lazarus and her mischief demon cat Giguhl, follow a lead that will help them capture and kill Cain aka Master Mahan. Ironically the only man to come close to killing Cain is named Abel (not the biblical Abel however) and the only one who can help them find Abel is Erron Zorn. So they go back to New Orleans to talk to Erron Zorn who reluctantly goes with them to Italy. A bit Twilightish but I liked the change of atmosphere personally. Soon they find out who the identity of this mysterious Abel is and are shocked but I had a feeling and a hunch.


Anyway they find a nice hotel and their mission shapes up pretty quickly after talking with some Irish dude bartender Richard Green who puts them in touch with Abel. 


When Asclepeus appears, again, he wants Sabina to fulfill her promise and kill some vampire chick as a favor to him. She's to kill Nix and find the gold vest . In normal circumstances it would hinder their mission but it turns out both tasks are related. So anyway lets just say Rome was an adventure with events culminating in Irkalla. The Bone Palace to be precise. This is where we get to meet Lilith and Asmodeus. What a fucking asshole Asmodeus is and Cain? ANNOYING but Lilith ? she seemed on the softer motherly side. Especially when it came to The Chosen...


There was a lot of Giguhl and how sweet was he to give some of his demon blood to Sabina when she needed it? We get to see all of Sabina's old friends and foes who had died back in Irkalla which is awesome. We also are rewarded with a few surprises Like the demon wedding of a lifetime!