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Review: Silver-Tongued Devil (Sabina Kane #4)

Silver-Tongued Devil  - Jaye Wells

I think Sabina misses her life as a vampire (assassin) now that she is back from New Orleans in New York living at Prytania Place surrounded by the ones who care for her. Maybe because killing was her job and she is out of work. She acts like vampire politics isn't any of her business but when two murders threaten to put a stop to the peace treaty, she wants to make sure that doesn't happen. So Orpheus and Tanith order Sabina and Adam to find the perpetrator along with Tanith's bodyguard Alexis who is also introduced to help in their investigations. She's a badass vampire herself also known as the Iron Maiden. Sabina to Alexis: "You want a challenge, tough chick? Go read a book." - page 304


I think this story was amazing. I liked everything about it; the humour, the drama, the suspense, the crime, the horror, the rock and roll, the sex romance and love parts too AND there was enough heartbreak between Sabina and Adam, Mac and Georgia, Pussy Willow and Giguhl, to last an eternity. I was happy to hear the band Necrospank 5000 were back playing their last gig in Club Vein, because the lead singer Erron Zorn , the Recreant plays an important role in both Green Eyed Demon and Silver Tongued Devil and I know we'll be seeing more of him in Blue Blooded Vamp when Sabina, Adam and Giguhl go to Rome.


Boy o boy what more can I say. This series has turned out to be one of my favorites and Silver Tongued Devil is the best book of the series so far what with only one more left to go I'm sure it will be just as amazing. There is so much to learn about Lilith and Cain that I'd never known about before AND the staff of Asclepius! the symbol of a snake wrapped around a staff known in modern medicine not to mention I'd never heard about Mages in any other books I've read.


There were two things I knew were going to happen before it happened.
1. Slade was going to be replaced


by Sabina not Alexis

(show spoiler)

2. Maisie ahem well you know ........ the horror of it all but what a freak she'd become really.

Looking back on the very beginning at the murders I would've never guessed it was her.

(show spoiler)