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My Review of Green-Eyed Demon

Green-Eyed Demon - Jaye Wells

I'd have to say Green-Eyed Demon was certainly eventful and Sabina and Adam kicked some serious vampire ass.

It starts off with a bang when Sabina and the gang try to kidnap one of the evil vampire sisters. Hoping to kidnap Persephone they manage to take Tanith instead, but she had her own agenda and ends up helping them by shooting her bodyguard. O well. Adam whisks them all away to the Seelie Court to meet up with their own council and the Fae Queen Maeve , leader of the Tuatha de Danan, somewhere in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. Maeve doesn't like Sabina for killing one of her entourage which leaves her and Giguhl out of the circle "standing in the antechamber like two assholes without invites to the party of the year" - quote from page 23

Their plan was to lead them to New Orleans where they believe Lavinia is keeping Maisie. Lavinia had recently become involved with some mysterious sect who call themselves The Caste of Nod so the bulk of the book consists of searching for clues. We already met their friends Zen and Brooks who were expecting Sabina, Adam and Giguhl to arrive in New Orleans needing a place to stay. Zenobia is a friend of Rhea's while Brooks is gay and a cross dresser. I didn't like that it took a whole book just to find Maisie and ultimately kill Lavinia, but I was satisfied with how it ended.
Desperate to find Maisie they resort to capturing Master Mahan's annoying white Owl, Stryx. Adam thought they could somehow someway get the bird to speak. haha 'NOT', instead they end up raising a dead corpse! When Zen the voodoo princess takes Sabina to a cemetery to perform a ritual on the bird, things go wrong and Sabina accidentally raises a dead corpse. Her Chthonic magic powers had amplified the necromancy spell! You can read all about that in Chapter 17. The zombie also eats Stryx lol.

One of my favorite quotes is when they'd brought the bird home they tried to restrain it from harming itself or them and Sabina tells Adam to... "Put the fucking bird in the fridge already."

It was fun reading about the lesbian relationship between a vampire and a werewolf. Georgia and Mac. I also like the recreant Erron Zorn and his bandmate Ziggy.