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ARC Review: Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye

Hard As It Gets  - Laura Kaye

I was impressed and shocked at how fast I received this in the mail! Within 24 hours! Unbelievable timing! I could not help but start reading it right away.


Becca is the daughter of a military SOB Colonel who had done something really bad and covered it up. Now her brother Charlie has been kidnapped. Before that he had tried telling Becca that their father isn't the man she thinks he is, however I don't know what he was trying to cover up, until Becca meets Nick.


Nick works in a Tattoo parlor with his brother Jeremy when Becca comes looking for his help. Her brother had given her the contact information to find Nick but he brushes her off and leaves her very unsatisfied even though she thinks he is devastatingly gorgeous....


He feels like an asshole for brushing her off, so he secretly watches her house for a couple days, and when someone does break into her house, he is right where he belongs. Rescuing the damsel in distress scenario, he takes her to his place where she is safer. She doesn't protest much and that is just a win win situation :) I can't wait to read what happens next.....


I'd read North of Need by Laura Kaye and it would seem she has a thing for ice cream when romance heats up in the kitchen. Anyway Nick calls the rest of his fallen troup in to help uncover the secret the colonel was hiding and find Becca's missing brother.