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Red-Headed Stepchild

Red-Headed Stepchild - Jaye Wells

I'm finally getting around to reading what my secret santa gifted me with last Christmas. I confess that this book wasn't one of my high priorities, probably due to not having heard of the author before or that it wasn't as popular as other Urban Fantasy books on my TBR shelf. Red-Headed Stepchild is like a foreigner that was so hard to pick up because it feels indifferent to me. idk I just couldn't get into it for the first half of the book but I am on page 187 and it's picking up to where I want Sabina to be. with Adam . I suppose it's asking to much of Sabina to grab some sense and give Adam a chance? I hope so but jeez, Sabina is such a bitch, even to her cat! I want so much for her to find out about the other side of her; the Hekate side, her Mage side but she's being so infuriating and stubborn. If she would only let Adam bring her to her Hekate family then maybe Giguhl the demon could get back to where he belongs, but I think he's kinda cool and particularly helpful to Sabina if she only knew how to use magic like she was made for. ugh. She's a real mess isn't she? I mean now that she's found her grandmother involved in some shady business(kidnapping mancies) what should she think? Can she even trust the Dominae now?

Well suffice it to say NO she can't. Lavinia betrayed her all along and lied to Sabina her whole life. She found out she has a twin and realizes the best way to get back at Lavinia and the Dominae is to take sides with the Hekate Council who plan on going to war with the Dominae. Thanks to Adam for making her see the truth. I'm happy with how it ends because she will be going with Adam to New York to meet her sister who happens to be the hierarchy in the Hekate Council. Yay.