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Stubborn Love

Stubborn Love - Wendy Owens

Being in a dysfunctional and abusive marriage, Emmie has had enough when she brushes off Ashton's desperate plea about killing himself and walks out on him. He does shoot himself and that leaves her thinking she is the one responsible and how could she be so cold that she could drive her husband to suicide. It seems stupid to blame herself for his actions but some people are stupid like that. Anyhow I think she made the right decision regardless. Abuse and alcohol addiction is nothing to be taken lightly so I'm glad she got out and I just wish she could've walked away knowing it wasn't her fault he killed himself but this is the only negative I saw to the story, other than that, it was a refreshing change.

I also loved how 'keepin it real' the characters were. Emmie goes to college in New York to further her dream of being an artist and meets up with Paige who Emmie really admires for her wit. Paige hooks Emmie up with her in a 2 bdr apartment and there she meets a gorgeous guy who happens to be her landlord. Colin Bennett owns real estate and his personal life is not without his own share of hard knocks. His brother Christian also happens to be Paige's amour. 

Their romance is real hot and their love is true. I can't wait for the next one called 'Only In Dreams' where we get to read about Paige.