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Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday RAT: Decked With Holly Review

Decked with Holly - Marni Bates

Decked With Holly is about Holly Dayton's fauxmance(a fake romance) on board a Christmas cruise ship around the Mexican Riviera with Dominic Wyatt, the drummer of a rock band called ReadySet. It was a hellish nightmare.

In Decked With Holly we have alternating views of Holly and Dominic. I felt sad for Holly because she was bullied by her two cousins who were 'Hot' and from what we learn from Dominic, Holly wasn't very attractive nor did Dominic think so; at least at first. He had come to think of her as an intrusion similar to that of an oysters. But lo and behold it produced a beautiful pearl as long as the oyster opened its shell and didn't resist the uncomfortable intrusion. He was the oyster and Holly was the intruding piece of dirt or whatever :(

Holly was different I guess, because she wasn't obsessed over Dominic's rock status even after she knew who he was, whereas Dominic was used to screaming fangirls. Holly wasn't impressed when Dominic had asked her to be his fake girlfriend only because he was more concerned with his public appearance and what the tabloids were saying about him rather than concern for her. All's he wanted was a nice relaxing holiday but as far as he was concerned she ruined it, when he found her in his bathroom.

I recommend it to all those with a sense of humor. Thank goodness Dominic Wyatt had one!