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A Holiday Novella (Entity #2.5)

The Entity Who Came for Christmas: A Holiday Novella - Cat Devon

Simon Howell had come to Chicago Vampland to acquire and/or find the legendary Sword Excalibur. An ancient sword that gave the bearer extreme powers and that had belonged to King Arthur. Among other reasons. 

As a human Simon had been a warrior in king Arthur's court , one of the Knights of the Round Table and then Merlin the Magician changed Simon into a Vampire. 

Pru Daniels was a Witch who had met Simon a year ago and they both fell passionately in love with each other. But when Pru found Simon had only wanted her for his own purposes she put a spell on him so that he lost his male ability to have sex. It wasn't meant to hurt him but to teach him a lesson. It's not as though he didn't still have a penis. Pru Daniels was a descendent of Morgan Le Fay which meant she was special to Simon.

He’d hoped that mating with her would change him for the better. Make him a better hunter. It hadn’t, despite multiple tries and multiple orgasms over a week’s time. Merlin had lied when he’d said while training Simon that finding Morgan Le Fay’s descendant in the beginning of the twenty-first century would greatly increase Simon’s power (Kindle Locations 144-146)


... Only he didn't know the reference from a medieval manuscript was about a sword and not just about having sex with her. So he wanted the Sword that would give him the power to live forever.

A beautiful well written concise novella that I recommend for all paranormal lovers.