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The Unseen by J.L Bryan

The Unseen - JL Bryan

This book starts off when Cassidy was young and in school. Living in an apartment with her little brother and her mother. One night she had a party with some of her girlfriends , Barb, Tamila, and Reese and began playing with a Ouija board that the girls made themselves. But they never expected they'd conjure up a real demon, Nibhaz, with a message: that Cassidy die. When things go wrong, Reese gets seriously hurt and loses an eye and is left with 3rd degree burns. If I wasn't familiar with J.L Bryan I probably would've stopped reading. It sounded more like a YA novel and I wasn't in the mood. Neither am I into heavy cursing and swearing. However the worst was coming from a demon so I guess it's to be expected...

Cassidy breaks up with [insert her boyfriends name here] because she feels betrayed and worried he was screwing Reese because in a vision she saw Reese in his kitchen with nothing but her panties on. Reese reappears after she had become a disciple in that crazy religious secret cult that nobody seems to know anything about. Only that the fliers said  ARE YOU THE MESSIAH? course Cassidy wouldn't believe any of it cause she's atheist but she shouldn't have ignored it either. Instead she lived her life getting high on drugs and drinking every night to mask the creatures she constantly sees around her.

We learn too much about her background a little too late in the book imo and for that I felt Cassidy's mother to be a bit neglecful as much as neglected when she reluctantly spills the beans of who she really was.. Cassidy probably would've never found out the truth if it wasn't for some African man /sorcerer.

You'll have to excuse me for not being good at remembering names. I'm like that in reality but I hope you'll know who I mean when I say the african sorcerer cause he's an important character in the book. :p Aside from my failings I'd recommend it to a YA audience.