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Kick The Candle

Kick the Candle - Genevieve Jack

In this installment the Candle signifies Rick not wanting to be a burden to Grateful anymore so he goes away in search of another Witch who gives him a purple candle that will undo the bond he shares with Grateful. When it burns down to nothing he will be human again and their ties will break and Grateful will be free to take another caretaker. He still loves her but time is running out. Unless she stops the candle from burning out and claims her love for Rick, he will die.


I loved this story. Grateful's dad is still unaware of the danger surrounding his daughter and is intent on selling her house to a Mr. Nokumata(sp?) and his niece. If they succeed in buying it, Grateful could end up dead because they are evil Shapeshifters and Anna is a powerful vampire who wants to get her hands on The book of flesh and bones that is buried underneath Grateful's house.