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Girl of Nightmares Review

Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake

I think Cas needs his head examined. The fact he revels in the idea he's crazy, makes him a big fat unlikable jerk nevermind a total outcast. I never liked him much in Anna Dressed in Blood, he was too aloof, and his obsession with the Girl of [his] Nightmares has gone way overboard. What sane person falls in love with a ghost anyway? He didn't even seem to like dating other girls and I thought that whole romance was way too creepy even if Anna was pretty. Pretty gory. I suppose that is partly why it made the story horrific.

On the other hand, I've never been so scared by just reading a book before until I read Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares. I thought it might have something to do with the RED color of the script maybe? There was more blood in Girl of Nightmares too.

The cult of the Order of the Blah blah blah members all had to cut themselves and let their blood drip. So did Thomas and Carmel as did Cas and Jestine and Gideon.

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Carmel I thought for sure was writing herself out of the book

when she broke up with Thomas

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. I didn't much like her anyway but when she suddenly appeared in London at Gideon's front doorstep I thought ...... not much of her then either .

I admit everytime Anna appeared to Cas, she frightened me. It's not like she was true to her ghost form but Cas knew she was in a bad place and when she finally spoke she asks Cas to help her. So he was determined to help her out of hell: Except you just don't walk into hell that easy. There was only one way in and he held the key. [he should've just *cough* killed himself]

The Athame was the door that could open Hell.

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We learned the Athame was created by the Order of the Biodag Dubh(or blah blah blah) of which Gideon, Cas' father's friend, use to be a member of. The sword/knife/athame belonged to Cas because he was a crazy cult warrior or some shit.

The Order wanted to kill Cas because they thought he and his father had corrupted it, so that is why they chose Jestine as a replacement.

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I liked Jestine but she had a different agenda.

She was to find (in hell) a specific rock element that would allow the Order to make another Athame.

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Big woop since the series ends but I have my doubts about that:p