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A Shade of Blood (A Shade of Vampire #2)

A Shade of Blood - Bella Forrest

This saga continues with Sofia and Ben's journey out of vampire captivity . Last time, they were taken as prisoners and made slaves in an awful place called the Shade. Now the Prince of the Shade, Derek Novak, would do anything for Sofia. So he releases her along with her best friend Ben, back to civilization.


Being in the Shade has changed both Ben and Sofia's life forever and they cannot put it past them as much as they try. Sofia doesn't share the same attitude and repulsion to the Shade as Ben does, and this is where the conflict of interest lies. It leads them directly in opposing directions. Ben wants revenge and seeks to be a vampire hunter while Sofia goes back to Derek Novak and the Shade. Sadly.


Both of them face major obstacles. The Shade is frought with foreboding warning that "The Darkness is Coming" and looms over everyone's head. Derek's sister Vivienne, seems to think Sofia is the key to neutralizing and calming everyone the fuck down. I like how the characters slowly unveil to reveal the truth of the matter. Surprise!