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Review -The Witch of Willow Hall

The Witch of WIllow Hall - Hester Fox

The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox


Lydia Montrose sure made an impression but at times it read like a sad lamentation of her sorry state in life. But, I am a sucker for HEA's and that is what The Witch of Willow Hall delivered. 


I liked that Lydia was a good person and she would be a good witch. She didn't know she was one for certain until 80% of the way through even when she had inklings and hints of the power residing in her bones. Her older sister Catherine was a real bitch. Wow. Lydia's relationship with her only reminded me of my relationship with my sisters. At least I could empathize and roll my eyes at both of them. Emaline, the younger sister was a doll but what bothered me was how distant and absent the parents were or maybe it only felt that way because of the way it was written from Lydia's POV. (IDK) I wasn't sure if their mother was catatonic but it sure seemed that way. I couldn't help but wonder what happened to them back in Boston that forced them to move out to the country. Their brother Charles(?) is an absolute mystery also. What happened to him? Where was he? Is he dead? I must have missed that part.


All's I know is he had to have been pretty close for Catherine to love him so much. I mean really? I was glad she lost the baby, one less thing to worry about and for Lydia to bear anyway. It is so sad that Lydia and Catherine did not like each other or could not be friends let alone sisters. I can relate though. Jealousy on the part of Catherine, for wanting what Lydia had, ruined everything. Honestly, it's a good thing Catherine was not a witch. She would have been a wicked and evil one, probably. I loved John Barrett. He warmed my heart. Cyrus? What a nightmare. I admit I sometimes was bored and couldn't keep my attention on the words I was reading but all in all I would read it again just as I anticipate the next book: The Widow of Pale Harbor.

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