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The Vampire Knitting Club by Nancy Warren

The Vampire Knitting Club - Nancy Warren

Hoping to spend some time with her Grandmother and mend her broken heart Lucy arrives in Oxford only to discover Agnes Bartlet's knitting shop is closed and her grandmother is dead. Cardinal Woolsey's knitting shop was one of four shops that were targeted to sell. Her grandmother never wanted to sell her shop. So, someone murdered her because they needed the money.


With her grandmother's knitting shop now belonging to Lucy, it means she has a great responsibility to keep it. Her world is turned upside down when she is introduced to strange people who occupy the space in the back of her shop and that is one main

reason why she needs to protect the shop and its secrets.


Out of all the supernatural things that were revealed, she couldn't have been less enthusiastic about knowing she was a witch. I mean she took solace in her cat familiar now that her grandma was dead but using magic could have solved many problems in helping her solve crimes.


I thought the story moved slower than molasses but with great magic comes great responsibility and Agnes Bartlet's knitting shop held many secrets.

The Vampire Knitting Club is only the beginning so I hope to be hearing more about this rag-tag club of knitting vampires.