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A Taste For Blood by Nick Clausen

A Taste For Blood
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A Taste for Blood is a very short story and I feel so jipped plus, I wasn't scared nor is it scary IMO. But it was free so I shouldn't complain. I like Vampires though and when you mix Pram and Sevi (the two vampires in this story) they spell vampire.

It's about a boy who wakes up somewhere in a basement and doesn't remember how or why or where he is. He's being lied to by a couple of vampires who are feeding off his blood and telling him all kinds of stories like- he's in the hospital and was in an accident and has a concussion and that he needs to take a pink pill for the pain. They bandaged his head and made it look like he's hooked up to an I.V pole. Just a bunch of lies so they can get their fix *shrugs*

The boy doesn't remember anything except he is smart. He figures it out and writes notes to himself so he'll remember what he experienced the day before. It almost seemed like groundhog day at first- the same thing happening on repeat.
Finally, he makes a plan involving some garlic (trope), he had stored in his bag. because he went for a few grocery items for his mother and was kidnapped, but it turns out these vampires are highly susceptible and/or allergic to garlic so he was able to make his escape into the light of day.

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