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The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicle, #1) - Patrick Rothfuss

I'm thinking of embarking on another long journey through a fantasy novel. Being that we are in the month of May it means a month-long celebration of all things fantasy in Wyrd and Wonder.

The Name of the Wind pretty much fits the description. The cover alone emits dark and sinister things. I think it is about the devil telling his story -History as it were. I don't know but that is my first impression.

What do you think?

Have you read it?

Did you like it? 

There are mixed reviews on Goodreads, enough to pique my curiosity.


 UPDATE: Chapter One - A Silence of Three Parts
Something like a black spider as large as a wagon wheel called a scraeling, was met by Carter on the road and it killed his horse. He was hurt in the scuffle but manages to bring it back to the Waystone Inn. I think it was dead. But Kote, the innkeeper, is keeping a dark secret that nobody else knows about. It involves demons I'm guessing.



Ah, here is what I found about The Name of the Wind on Wiki. . . 

"In the rural town of Newarre, the Waystone Inn is managed by an innkeeper named Kote and his assistant Bast. It is revealed that Kote is actually the renowned Kvothe: an unequaled sword fighter, magician, and musician, rumored to have killed a king and caused the present war in which the civilized world is embroiled. Bast is Kvothe's assistant and student and a prince of the Fae. Kvothe has gone into hiding and assumed the identity of Kote in order to keep a low profile. Kvothe saves a traveling scribe known as Chronicler from spider-like creatures called scrael, whereupon Chronicler, recognizing Kvothe, asks to record his story. Upon consenting, Kvothe tells Chronicler that this will take three days (corresponding to the planned trilogy of novels).

Source: http://deargeekplace.com/wyrd-wonder-2-the-wyrdening