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Booster & Reeves: The Night of the Revenants

Booster & Reeves: The Night of the Revenants - Troy Blackford
I say, all is not gas and gaiters in the old metrop. Young Broderick Booster - that would be Brodie to his friends, mind you - is sitting down for a nice evening of video games and vodka when in ankles his manservant Reeves to spout a lot of rot about the shuffling undead and the end of the world. It's a dashed bother, dealing with all these brain-munching revenants, what?


After a visit from his dead Aunt Gertie, a quick trip to a hardware store, and a harrowing trek across town, Booster and Reeves confront the source of the confounded nuisance and try to put a stop to the bebothersome zombies once and for all. Perhaps they even meet a new friend along the way, though I wouldn't bally well count on it. Not everyone is all that friendly, after all.


My Reflections


I dare say ole chap, this tale is most peculiar.

Brodie Booster had a brogue accent and wasn't very smart. He concerned himself mostly on 'hedonic matters' like electronic games and lived with a manservant called Reeves. On a night filled with zombies Brodie's Aunt came to tell him something that was important but she had died two weeks ago! She began explaining how a maid of hers had stolen a book of magic spells and thought she had something to do with the zombie attack....

Turns out, she was a Witch who let loose the dead/revenants/zombies but was caught in her own spell and needed some help.


The novella had a lot of dialogue which made it all the more alluring.


“Very good, sir. As I began to say, both the Calvary and Green-Wood Cemeteries have filled with what appear to be the reanimated corpses of the deceased. At this point, they have managed to overspill the fences and are—” I interrupted him. “Hold it, old boy! You’re saying that the graveyards are filling with what now?” “The living dead, sir.”