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Finished Reading Magic Bites

Magic Bites -  Ilona Andrews

Listening to the audiobook I got from the library is pissing me the fuck off. Why does my iPod skip chunks of text, going from chapter 4 skipping to chapter 6?  FFS! Then  I can't go backwards or forward in the proper sequence and it's so bloody frustrating. It's ruining my reading and listening experience! wah. I, however, also have the book. I bought the book at a second-hand shop after I got the audio download from my library because I love reading and listening to a novel. The narrator is so darn good too. It's Renée Raudman.

I felt the story was missing a lot of background information. Kate Daniels is an adult now and she presumably has a crush on her Guardian Greg. He dies right in the beginning so I felt kind of at a loss, not knowing much about him and her relationship with him. There were many things I didn't understand in the beginning like why did everyone know who she was? Obviously, it is a paranormal/Urban fantasy world and there were a lot of characters and it was quite hard to keep up with them all. I feel Kate Daniels is a very fearless and strong female who can handle things on her own. She's tough in other words. I'm struggling with it so far. In Chapter 4 but I like it.


UPDATE: I'm finished. It was ok. 2 stars Appearing in Magic Bites were teams of supernatural creatures that I'm not sure I understood how they came to be. Kate Daniels world is a scary place and I don't understand the magic with all it entails and all its entrails lol

The heavy round head rolled to the dirt in a gush of blood.