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Consumed 54% If you recently quit smoking, this book could trigger your addiction. Be warned.

Consumed - J.R. Ward

Thank you Simon & Schuster Canada and NetGalley for letting me read an e-arc

Ahem.*coughs* You would not want to read this book if you were trying to quit smoking cigarettes. I mean, it's been over two years since my last "fag," and I seriously struggled to keep from wanting one all because of Dannyboy. A fucking fictional book character FFs!
I find it distasteful, in a world where smoking is rarely accepted or allowed in public places, to have to read about someone's disgusting habit in a book. Come, the fuck on! Really? 
Because of that, I hate this book. I will finish this book, but I am not going to continue reading the series. I am disappointed. Just like the fallen angel novels. I didn't like it. It's not only the smoking, but it was also business politic fuckwads, not having a clue about rock climbing and my surroundings. Feeling lost basically and I did not like seeing what Danny Maguire's life had become. He was a slob drunken sob. His place, if you wanted even to call it that, felt like a dump and I imagined a squat. Also to make matters even worse, Anne and Danny's relationship took a drastic dive when Anne did lose her hand when Danny cut it off! Ugh. I cannot relate to that sort of pain. I was not feeling it, and it was disgraceful ok? I wasn't happy about their demise.
You know what I did like though? Soot, Anne's dog.

I'm sorry. but this is how I felt at 54%