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The Darkest Star - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer Armentrout's books are not all equally good. Most of what I read was apathetic and dull. It didn't appeal to me. School, hallways, drama, students, teachers, lockers, and classes are just something that I'd rather not read. I hated school. That is only one reason I dislike Young Adult books, and this one has it in spades. I can't.

When Evie and her friend decide to go out against their better judgment to a place that requires you to be 21, Evie gets held against her will by some guy named Luc inside Club Foretoken, for being underage and for seeing things she isn't supposed to. He also comes on to her. Club Foretoken is not a safe place because of the Luxen. 

While she can get a fake ID, she loses her cell phone and has to go back the next day to retrieve it. This Luc guy is a mystery, and I am not that interested in caring about who the fuck he is. He knows Evie and her mother. I would have liked to know more about the Luxen Luc is harboring in the basement lol, but next, we are back at school, chatting with classmates about who fucking went missing over the fucking weekend. Fuck! Can I say "useless banter"?

Luc enters Evie's house as a thief and unlocks the door with his mind. He keeps popping up like he's following Evie and tells her he can easily track her because it didn't take him long to find her at the park taking pictures. At this point we know he isn't going to hurt her, but she should be afraid and concerned about her safety anyway, for some reason. I mean, get to the fucking point already! Lol

I can barely stand it so far, but I need to keep reading. ugh

UPDATE: The cat is finally out of the bag! Luc is a bloody Origin, NOT a Luxen, which means he is bigger, better, stronger, etc. Also, some baddies come knocking wanting Luc's help, but he refuses to help that kind and they didn't like it, so the girl intends to kill Evie.