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"From My Heart To You"

This is a book that my boyfriend and I had developed and made for each other. We each got a copy. I will never forget him RIP my love. He died from liver and lung cancer before Christmas December 11th, 2016 and my heart aches for him. It is amateurish, but we used Picaboo. He wrote this poem:

This is for every second we spend together. For every kiss, and every tear we have shed with each other. For the special times created by being together. For all the times I was distressed, and you were there. For all the memories of the beautiful love, we've made. All the tenderness and love that you have shown me. For the little things, you've done that means so much. Most of all, this is from me to you to show how important you are to me. To thank you for all you've done. To tell you exactly how I feel and to remind you that...I will always love you! -Phil-