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Shadow's Claim (The Dacians #1) by Kresley Cole

Shadow's Claim - Kresley Cole

The first 5 chapters involved danger, intrigue and sex. The story starts off with a young girl being tortured in a field of poppies. Soon after, by a force of fate, Prince Trehan and Bettina the princess of Abaddon, come together like two ships in the night. These two characters alternate points of view and are the main focus.


Trehan is an assassin sent to kill Caspion for breaking the law of Dacia, because he knows the way to the Kingdom of Dacia. Nobody is allowed to know the way to Dacia. It is a well guarded secret. I knew this from reading Lothaire.


Bettina loved Caspion the Tracker however....


Bettina was a naive and feeble soon-to-be-queen of Abaddon Sorcerei who lost her powers when her worst enemies stole them from her. She used to be "The Queen of Hearts" because she had powers that could stop hearts in their chests or explode them .


Her godparents thought all she needed was a husband/protector/king : a male. Since they couldn't agree on one for her, they decided to host a tournament. Strong suitors were invited to compete to win her hand in marriage.


On the night Bettina was attacked by the Vrekeners who stole her powers, Trehan had had a strong feeling that something needed to be done but he didn't know what. He also heard a voice whisper "Protect". It was Bettina he was supposed to protect but didn't realize this until he traced to her room that night she blooded him. Now that Trehan was a blooded male and desired Bettina for himself, he thought the only way to have her was to enter the damn contest. He knew she was in love with Caspion the demon but it was a chance he'd take just to be able to bed her. Entering the tournament put Trehan in between a rock and a hard place. It meant he had to kill Caspion but if he killed Caspion she would never forgive him . 

Wth could he do?

I was on the edge of my seat until the very end.


I loved that Lothaire is given to rule the Kingdom of Dacia. One of my favorite quotes is when he reveals his intention to open the Gates of Dacia and in a fit of madness he says:

"A king of a kingdom no one fucking knows about! I'm the tree in the forest that silently falls - when no one is around to be crushed!"
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