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In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes - Jennifer Weiner This story is about two sisters , Maggie and Rose, who lost their mother when they were young and grew up with a cantankerous wicked stepmother . Their father broke all ties toward their mothers side of the family after her car accident but eventually the girls are reunited with their grandmother in the course of the book . It was supposed to be a tearjerker which is why I thought to read it , but it didn't affect me that way .I liked following Maggie , the younger of the two who was more of a rebel and problematic for everyone. I guess I could relate to her easier, as she took us on her quest(s) to find her dream job; from acting to dog watching to clothes designer . It was easy enough to read and for the most part it grabbed my attention. Rose was the older one who had a good head on her shoulder and more educated .