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The Nine Lives of Christmas

The Nine Lives of Christmas - Sheila Roberts

This cute little story is about a fireman named Zach who took a chance on love with Merilee, and a stray cat named Ambrose, who brought them together . Merilee loved cats and wanted to be a veterinarian . Zach, being a nice guy that he was found himself helping both of them even when he didn't want either of them . Cute story and it had me in tears a couple times .It made me think of my own siamese cat I once had, Fonzie (yes after Henry Winkler the fonz) . I don't think that cat liked me . Anyway, if I had to choose between a bad human being(Blair) and a cat I would choose the cat. If I had to choose between being homeless because of a cat , however, I would no doubt give the cat up so that I could have a roof over my head . No question.