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You Suck: A Love Story

You Suck - Christopher Moore Well as you pretty much guessed , it's about vampires . The story is a little quirky , humorous and it flowed pretty fast, I couldn't put it down. What I liked about the book was the dialogue. Nobody would understand a life of a vampire more than a stoner . "I wonder if Christopher Moore did a lot of drugs in his days?" the thought crossed my mind :P Anyway , I noticed a few spelling errors , which is a crime , I know, but if you aren't a grammar nazi you would still appreciate reading it. What I didn't think I liked were vampires; but it turns out they aren't so bad and they have needs just like everyone else : hunger mostly . Some of them only drink the blood of sick or dying people so..., since they're sick and dying anyway ....... as long as they don't go around killing the innocent , healthy ones , it's tolerable imo. The two main characters , Jody and Tommy love each other. She turned vampire first by some 800 year old guy, who was the creepiest character of them all , Elijah Ben Sapir. He hadn't recruited anybody in over 100 years and so Jody turns her boyfriend into a vampire . OMG the story ! There was also this goth chick named Abby who Tommy had hired to be a 'go getter' someone who can do things for them during the day ; like rent a place for them to move and feed some old Man Williams cat . THE CAT! Thank god they didn't kill the cat :DThis book has two of the shortest chapters I've ever had the pleasure of reading Chapter 2The Last PoopSo that was it?""Yep.""Never again?""Nope.""Not ever?""Nope.""I feel like I should save them or something."Would you just flush and come out of there."Chapter 11Then, When They Woke UpOh my God, that stuff turned me completely orange.""Not completely.""I look like the Great Pumpkin.""Good grief, Tommy, you do not."