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The Santa Shop

The Santa Shop - Tim Greaton

This story was fascinating. It gripped my heart from the start. I enjoyed the main character, Skip Ralstat, who I thought was writing his memoirs, that's how real the story felt to me! Tim Greaton definitely knows how to tell a good story and his awareness of homelessness and suicide is appreciated.Here are a few mustard seeds I felt were some of the main points you could get from reading the bookHis wife and child needed their father home and Skip needed to be with his family but because of neglecting to be there on that fateful day of the fire , he might of spared himself all the pain, misery and despair it caused.Don't turn your back on those in need.- Mustard SeedsAll people are important and they have their own unique stories to tell . It just reminds me of the Santa Shop . Had this place not been available for Skip and David , they wouldn't have been so fortunate . They weren't forgottenDon't forget the poor.- Mustard SeedsWould you rather visit a cemetery or the grim reaper? like Skip who was on the verge of a precipice(a bridge)Next time you think things are not going well for you visit a cemetery. Things could be a lot worse. Take heart, look up, have faith, and rejoice in life.- Mustard SeedsThis is what's awesome about this story . Skip was homeless and had nothing to give, thinking suicide but after being visited by santa clause aka the grim reaper, his life was turned around and was the one to bear gifts to needy children. He received a whole lot more i.e: a house , another wife, a job, a purpose , a life . It became apparent the Santa Shoppe was there to help those heading for a Christmas Leap on river road aka suicide. Everybody has a need to give.- Mustard Seeds