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Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare As this was my first book in the series, it was hard for me to understand each character and where they were coming from . I knew I had to read Clockwork Angel to get a better idea of what the story was about . There were so many unanswered questions and I just saw Will Herondale's sister , Cecily , as just another character that I knew nothing about yet she shows up in the end announcing her desire to be a shadowhunter, which was cool , in an odd way. This, after Charlotte, Henry, Jem, Sophie , Tessa and Will come back from the Consul meeting , which would determine Charlotte still the head of the Institute instead of that bad guy, Benedict Lightwood . We also learned that Tessa accepted Jem's marriage proposal and I was disappointed Will wasn't the one who asked her first. It's too late now apparently. SO WHAT if Tessa thinks there is a cure for Jem!! It's disgusting to think she would marry someone who is dying. I mean really .... I feel sad for Will also because he wasted five years of his life thinking he was under some curse . As I was near reading the end of the book one night , I came to the part where Magnus Bane was summoning up the demon for Will who began drawing a pentagram . I had to stop because I was too scared to read any further ; not because of what was in the book but because I really believe there is a devil , so I finished the book the next day in brood daylight haha.I'd say this isn't a good first book to start reading from.