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Blood Promise (Vampire Academy)

Blood Promise  - Richelle Mead OMG!.... Rose is so in love with Dimitri , it's making me crazy . I cannot believe what happened ...!!!!I was relieved to find out Ibrahim, aka Abe is her father . What a surprise I hadn't seen coming!Her adventures in Siberia were nothing short of amazing . In my mind there were two fairytale endings for her --one with Dimitri (allbeit as a strigoi) and one with Lissa . I respect her for choosing the best scenario and for going back home to St. Vladimirs Academy to be with Lissa but ..... Admittingly I cried after she staked Dimitri in the heart . Like her ...I believed he was dead. It kind of reminded me of Dracula a little . pg 427 Dimitri fell. He nearly took me with him, and I just barely managed to break free of him and cling to the railing. He dropped down into the darkness--down, down into the blackness of the Ob. A moment later he disappeared from sight.I stared down after him, wondering if I would see him in the water if I squinted hard enough. But I didn't. The river was too dark and too far away. Clouds moved back over the moon, and darkness fell over everything again. For a moment, staring down and realizing what I'd just done, I wanted to throw myself in after him, because surely there was no way I could go on living now. It took a lot of courage to plan her escape , fight two strigoi and kill Galina . She is one brave Dhampir ....but I never expected what happens in the end . Do you believe in fairytales? I do ! hahaThe next installment is : 'Spirit Bound' . I can't wait to get started on that one .