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Bloodlines (Bloodlines (Richelle Mead))

Bloodlines - Richelle Mead This book was a let down because I had really liked Sydney's character in Vampire Academy but after I found out all about her family and her life as an Alchemist it blew my ideas of her out of the water in an unsuspecting and disappointing way . She was rather boring in other words. She was potentially sexy , smart , and fun but she was far from it . I suppose it had to do with her enrolling in a school with a bunch of teenagers and her job to protect Jill. She was instead more of a motherly type role model , but somehow her and Jill never got along that much . Sydney always tried hard NOT to get too friendly with Moroi and vampires anyway but Jill was just a naive little girl who had a pension to rebel against her elders however, she was the sister of the Moroi Queen, Lissa which made her a royal. Another character I wasn't overly thrilled about was Adrian Ivashkov . He was a spoiled rotten Moroi who Sydney was the last person I thought would like . ugh . The story was borderline atrophic and quite boring