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Before (Heven and Hell, #0.5)

Before (Heven and Hell, #0.5) - Cambria Hebert After reading this short prequel to Masquerade we kinda get a feel for the main characters . Heven and Sam and Kimber . It whet my appetite for more. Heven is the most beautiful girl in school and is a cheerleader who doesn't like lying and cheating just to get her assignment done in time . Kimber is her friend and Sam , well I got the feeling he was Heven's stalker and is hiding something . I don't know if it's a good or bad thing yet. Heven , being made captain of the cheerleading squad spends some overtime at the library so she could finish her homework . On the way home ....something was about to happen ...Sam -who was stalking her - runs into the 'monster' again .