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The Snowman

The Snowman - Jo Nesbø As frightening and gruesome as the murders were, I found the snowman's own telling of the story more disturbing . Yes Matthias aka the snowman , killed his own mother , Sara Kvinesland, because he thought she was a whore . After watching her have sex with someone other than his father, he felt the need to rid the world of these sort of woman . He killed his mother when he was young ; beat her over the head while she was driving and consequently the car drove off a bridge into a river . Matthias got out alive, but his mom was dead and the police just chocked it up as an accident . He went on to study medicine. He also became a sadistical serial killer. It's a shame Harry Hole, a private investigator cop, couldn't have saved any of the other victims but he did end up rescuing Rakel(his lover) and Oleg her son as well as Matthias the serial killer, who was ready to jump off a precipice with Harry Hole attached to him . Awesome . It was Harry's madd cufflink skills that saved him !I really liked how well written the detailed confession statements were of both Arve Stop and Filip Becker and well of course the Snowman's .