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Entice (Need)

Entice  - Carrie Jones Zara becomes a pixie queen and she's determined to get Nick back but it puts a whole lot of people in danger . Nick is in Valhalla, he died and she has to go to the underworld to get him . Entice is the 3rd book in the Need Series and I don't recommend you start with it like I did . I got it cheap from the Salvation Army because I liked the cover . It's a teen read and it didn't appeal to me all that much cause I'm not a teenager . We are left wondering if Nick accepts her being a pixie . I kind of think they might have been happier in Valhalla .What bothered me was just who the hell do Odin and Thor think they are?! lol why would they allow a frail girl like Zara to fight against Frank aka Belial just so that she could take Nick back home with her? Hasn't she been through enough already ? I am disappointed because I thought gods were supposed to be something perfect *whines . It's even more disappointing when she actually wins j/k I was bored to death reading this book !...so this is where the term Philophobia comes from eh!!!? That is the fear of falling in love . I thought it was funny because my boyfriend's name is Phil .