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New Moon

New Moon - I can't get over this episode . I loved the movie ! I really liked the book too! They are a pretty close match . Jacob turns into a werewolf , I mean how cool is that ?! The special affects are awesome and I think I'm just obsessing over it . I've watched New Moon twice now and I just love the werewolf action. I started sobbing when Bella loses Edward , when he lies to her and tells her he doesn't want her and that he is never going to see her again and that it would be for Bella like he never existed . It was hard to see her deal with the pain of a break up and crawl into a ball in the forest the way she did. It was quite sad. Sam Uley , the head of the pack , finds her . Jacob still hadn't changed though . He changes after he goes to the movies with Bella and Mike and right after he tells Bella he would never hurt her like Edward did . pfff. He does the same thing! His excuse is the same reason Edward gave her basically , that they were too dangerous for her :/ Poor Bella :( By the end of this book we see she really wants to just turn into a Vampire so she could protect herself . I liked Italy and the Volturi. Those 3 guys , Aro, Marcus and Caius are 3 thousand years old!! holy cow! Ancient ville