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Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer

Bella is a too-old-for-her-years teenager who moves to her father's rainy Washington town when her mom gets remarried. Once there, she winds up befriending Edward a mysterious student in her biology class. Edward misses lots of school, and occasionally saves Bella from out-of-control cars. The plot here is not whether or not Edward is a vampire-- you're clear on that from very early on. The plot involves what happens when strange vampires intrude on Edward's family's territory and the lengths that Edward's family will go to protect the human in their midst. I didn't think I was going to like reading these books and maybe it was going to be a waste of time , but I'm glad I did. But why was Bella so damn depressed? Maybe it was just the weather *shrugs. Halfway through the book Edward finally confesses to Bella that her scent drives him wild . He describes it like she was his personal brand of heroine that he couldn't stay away from . He also feels like she was a demon sent to torment him . When the 'tracker' or the 'hunter' James, attacks Bella and she lay there almost dying it would seem that all Edward could think of was himself . I was appauled. Favorite quotes“You are exactly my brand of heroine.” ~ Edward describing why Bella is so irresistible to him.“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…”“Stupid lamb.”“”What a sick, masochistic lion.” ~ Edward and Bella summarizing the road to their relationship.