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Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn  - Stephenie Meyer We ended Eclipse with Bella finally accepting Edward's proposal. I haven't reviewed Eclipse yet because I've not read it , however, I seen the movies and it was as fantastic as the rest of the story imo. Part 1 of Breaking Dawn was all about the wedding of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan and the honeymoon . The whole time you couldn't help but think about the agreement Edward had made with her to turn her into a vampire .Breaking Dawn is two books in one. Part 1 the movie just came out this year (2012) where we are left with a very pregnant Bella who is on the verge of dying but delivers a half human-half vampire baby. It was never believed possible for vampires to conceive a child and research proves very difficult because very little is known about it happening except....... well.... when Alice disappears for most of Part 2 shall we say ? She is off looking for any clue or evidence of anything that could vindicate their little precious baby they called Reneesme Carrie Cullen because Alice had a vision and everyone panicked and drama ensued at the Cullen residence . ....Meanwhile... the Volturi are after the Cullen's for thinking they have broken vampire Law. It was falsely reported that the Cullen's had a newborn immortal in their company. Jacob O Jacob ! I do not feel sorry for him because he still fits into the picture better than I had expected . In Part I we are made to understand more about his kind and how they imprint on people . Of course they are not children of the moon we call werewolves but they are shapeshifters. They cannot bite people that allows another werewolf to be created . He is drawn to Reneesme like something was pulling him and the ties were so strong . Stronger than strings ; more like steel cables . This force causes him to Imprint on her . Imprinting is like becoming soulmates or parabatai's. I imagine Reneesme will be well protected and this makes me very happy . Will it be a happily ever after? or will it end in an all out battle to the death.....