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Accidentally Dead (Accidentals Series #2)

Accidentally Dead - Dakota Cassidy Nina has a potty mouth and her swearing turns me off . If it weren't for Greg Statleon , the gorgeous hunk of vampire ,with an interesting background, I would have stopped reading it because I couldn't tolerate the way Nina talked , thinking she was tough. So because I liked the Greg character I gave it an ok. He was undoubtedly a good vampire if such a thing existed . Nina very stubbornly refused to accept she was a vampire after Greg accidentally bit her when he was given some anesthetic at the dentist office where she worked for his chipped tooth. She didn't want to be a vampire and her immortality was in jeopardy because she could turn to ash if she was unwilling to feed . What a stupid B**** she was! Lucky for her Greg took full responsibility and took care of her needs by supplying her with blood. When she lost her job and was behind on her rent , he also took care of it because it was his fault she was a vampire . It was the least he could do but again she took it the wrong way. She had trust issues until she found out he would do anything for her.....they lived HEA.. The End.