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White Lies

White Lies - Jeremy Bates When Katrina Burton moves to a small town she decidedly picks up a hitchhiker who at first seems harmless until she becomes fearful of him for being drunk and acting perverted for staring at her legs. She kicks him out of her car leaving him stranded on the side of the road in the pouring rain. She told him she was only going as far as the Lake Wenatchee turn off where she owned a cabin but that was a lie. She had no idea that one lie could produce such devastating consequences. She soon learns the hitchhikers name is ....Zach Marshall, a teacher at the same school she will be teaching. Her life isn't exactly stable since having lost both her parents and a husband, and she has no reason to trust anybody. So one lie leads to another until she meets someone by the name of Jack Reeves who she chooses to tell the truth too. Mr. Jack was the wrong person to tell as well as fall in love with....dun dun dun dun