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The Golden Lily: A Bloodlines Novel (Bloodlines (Mead - Hardcover))

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead Sydney is still working to keep Jill in hiding and Eddie, a dhampir guardian, is also hired to protect her; and so is Angeline, one of the Keepers. Sydney is an Alchemist. We met her in Vampire Academy. She bears a tattoo of a golden lily on her cheek made with vampire blood. It is significant to her lifestyle and belief system. Alchemists do not like vampires. They believe vampires aren't supposed to be found in human society so I guess they are the ones to make sure it doesn't happen. While they are in school, Sydney and Jill and the rest of them are living incognito. If humans were to find out who they were, it just would blow everything sky high and there would probably be a vampire war, or some shit like that. They are all supposedly related and family. This book drags on more than I care for. *yawnsSydney meets with Mr. Darnell to bear witness for his son, Keith. He was found to be dealing with vampires on the side, selling drugs and blood. He got suspended and has to undergo treatment now. Re-educated is what they call brainwashing. Meanwhile, Sonya and Dimitri are looking into finding answers to preventing Morois from turning Strigoi.Anyway, Sydneys friend, Trey, sets her up on a date with a guy named Brayden. She likes him because he's smart, drives a nice car, and smells like coffee. Sydney loves coffee but she seems to think she has to watch her weight and therefore doesn't eat sugar. whatever. Ms. Terwilliger is a coven witch who is teaching Sydney how to cast spells but Sydney doesn't condone that sort of thing at all. I think it would help her to protect herself. She could use some help after a run in with a few Vampire Hunters. She is also taking a defense class with Mr. Wolfe together with Adrian.Adrian meets with his father who had nothing but terrible things to say about him. He drinks to keep from going crazy, so he says. He has a spirit bond with Jill but it affects the mind to the point of going insane. He also bought a new car with the money his dad gave him. Angeline sneeks in to the halloween dance and Jill does something to the punch that makes a big explosion in order to distract the teacher from Angeline. Nobody suspected anything and Angeline got away with possibly being suspended from school. She was already confined to her room for punching out somebody. Nothing too exciting happens in the first 10 chapters.On her date with Brayden she gets a call from Adrian telling her Sonya was missing. Well if that wasn't inconvenient, now she has to brush Brayden off again. I don't think this relationship is going anywhere at this point. Nobody knows where to find Sonya and Sydney came up with an idea. She would do anything to find her. Even though she doesn't condone magic spells she realizes she could make a spell to find out someones whereabouts. She takes Adrian with her to Ms. Terwilligers place and is brought into a back room where she can work on her spell. Hours later, she is shown something that reminds her of the tattoo she saw on Trey. It turns out Trey is involved in the Warriors of Light-he is a Vampire hunter. I'm not surprised. He is one of them and Eddie approaches him and threatens him. Sydney really wants to find her so she volunteers herself to go into their compound hoping she could straighten things out. Sonya is in danger because they think she's a Strigoi. They want to kill her and the only reason they haven't yet is because this was a test to find out who was going to do it. Dimitri and Eddie save her when they burst into the arena carrying Sonya away and Sydney did some magic of her own and got away from her captors. Anyway Adrian is in love with Sydney like we didn't know that already.