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Be Witched (Jolie Wilkins, #2.5)

Be Witched (Jolie Wilkins, #2.5) - H.P. Mallory This novella was from Rands point of view. I didn't need Rand Balfours perspective on his and Jolies relationship. Being her protector and employer, he cared for her a lot, but so far it didn't go any further than that. They weren't lovers because Rand didn't want to Bond with her. It frustrated her and she felt she had no choice but to end their relationship. It all seemed redundant. We knew the whole scoop reading the 2nd book Toil and Trouble anyway. The whole novella was about the time Jolie had returned to Pelham Manor after dualing with Odrans strongest fae, who incidently turned himself into a dragon. She had wanted the faery kingdom to ally themselves with Rand to battle the wicked witch of the west , Bella. There was no doubt, without the faeries, Rands army would not stand a chance against Bella and her army. So, Jolie had struck a deal with Odran. If she could prove her magic powers were strong enough to defend herself from Odrans strongest fae in a fighting match, then she made Odran promise he would ally his forces with Rand Balfour. She did win and she had been recovering from the fight in her room, when she was attacked by a werewolf. She almost turned werewolf. If it hadn't been for Sinjin that is. He saved her life by sucking the poison out of her but that didn't settle Rands mind about Sinjins motives towards Jolie aka Poppet evidently. Rand detested him. Anyways I heard it all in Toil and Trouble and I felt this novella didn't make a difference and was totally unecessary. It didn't change anything and his character was too contrived.I am still on Rands side though. I am Team Rand. I can't make up my mind if this picture could be Sinjin or Rand. What say you? It could be Sinjin except with shorter hair.